Blogging sans Octopress, for now

For the last couple of years I have occasionally1 published articles on my blog, powered by Octopress.

The frequency of creating new articles was partly determined by the fact that, using Octopress, I inevitably need a Mac to prepare a post for publication.

Typically, I would reasearch, draft, and edit an article in my spare time on an iOS device. After that, the article would be transferred to a waiting state until I got the time, leisure, and access to my Mac to start the publishing process.

It may sound weird, but in some cases the time between finishing the article preparation and the actual publishing becomes significant.

Sadly, I even don’t even have a Mac any longer, it died a couple of weeks ago2.

Coincidentally, I have been toying around with the idea of a blogging platform that (in contrast to Octopress) allows for direct publication from an iOS device for the last couple of months. Therefore, this is the “perfect” opportunity to finally set up a WordPress site and start kicking its tires3.

As an avid blog reader myself, I have come across some high-profile “role models” on the Internet where one can get some inspirations and ideas for setting up the own work flow.

Ben Brooks, for example, has recently switched to iOS full time and uses the iOS version of Ulysses as the primary writing tool for publishing on his blog.

I have used Ulysses before, and quite like it. It’s a solid writing tool that has gotten support for directly pubishing articles on a WordPress site. So, Ulysses it will be for the time I’ll be checking the option of having a WordPress blog.

At the end, I may go on with the WordPress blog and just keep my Octopress site online to not break any links, or I may even end up working on both platforms. Time will tell.

  1. In hindsight, I have never found into a habit of publishing daily, or even weekly. 
  2. I don’t think I’ll get a new machine until Apple presents new models of the MacBook pro and until I have gotten to the conclusion that those are not. lemons. 
  3. I seriously have no idea where this will lead to. I guess I’ll just get going and see how I feel about it after some time.