Joel Spolsky’s new Computer

Joel Spolsky made a splash on Twitter:

Sorry Apple. After 10 years loyalty, this latest MBPro with useless touchbar and unreliable keyboard was last straw. Switched to Dell XPS13👋

I am using a Dell Precision 5510 (which is basically a rebranded XPS15) at work for more than a year now.

My only minor complaint is that Dell doesn’t seem to care about fine-tuning the hinge such that it is possible to open the lid with one hand while the machine is lying flat on the table.

Apart from that, it’s a solid hardware with modern components that has a Skylake processor and that supports being loaded with up to 32 GB of RAM1.

Even as a Mac user for more than 20 years, I wouldn’t hesitate giving money to Dell for an XPS 15 (or 13) to run my my private stuff if only there was an officially supported way to run macOS on it.

Joel, for what it is worth, does not seem to care much about the software aspect. While many will agree with Joel on the hardware choice, I bet that the question of the operating system is not as unequivocal.

Windows has gotten better with Windows 10. But in my personal experience, it is still way behind macOS in many measurable ways. Plus, for people heavily invested into software based firmly in the Apple ecosystem the idea of switching to Windows is still a scary idea2.

  1. I have personally no experience with this option or the implications on battery life. 
  2. Especially the prospect of having to keep a Windows installation that is not maintained by a corporate IT department free of malware would give me nightmares.