Carrot Weather Data Source Reshuffle

Today’s release of weather app Carrot Weather comes with some interesting changes. For the first time, the app supports MeteoGroup as a data source.

I have been using the MeteoGroup’s own app WeatherPro for years. In my personal experience, the quality of prediction data for Europe is more accurate in comparison to other “global” data sources that are also supported by Carrot.

However, I don’t like the concept of presenting the data in WeatherPro very much and kept looking for replacements. Hello Weather is certainly a viable alternative, but for some reason it did not stick for long. At some point, I switched to Carrot, and my previous data source of choice (The Weather Channel) within Carrot delivered okay-ish results I could live with. Win-win, sort of.

Without any evidence for it to happen, I nevertheless kept up hope that the future with bring access to higher-quality data, specifically the data that power WeatherPro.

According to Carrot’s release notes of today’s release, The Weather Channel terminated the contract because it does not want to provide data to competing apps any longer in order to get1 more users to switch to their own apps. Here’s hope that MeteoGroup does not come to a similar conclusion any time soon.

  1. For reasons I could only speculate about.