Wishlist for Unread 2

While I am a big fan of Reeder I still use Unread more or less heavily for reading my RSS feeds1. The developer of Unread recently pre-announced the release of Unread 2 as the next evolution step of the popular feed reader.

Apparently, it is too early to publish any information about new features, but the announcement still got me started to think about what features I would personally want from the new release. Here’s a list:

  • Ability to filter for all and starred articles (in addition to the currently implemented new articles). Minimal UI, I know. But still, I’d find this very helpful.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. The support for keyboard shortcuts would add nothing to the UI and still be helpful in many cases.
  • Change fontsize in smaller increments, at least on the iPad. Currently the difference between two increments is the difference between too big and too small. It’s hard to hit the perfect size, especially on the iPad.
  • Readability view on a per-feed basis. This would keep the friction of using the app low because one tap is saved to switch to readability mode.
  • Administration of subscriptions. Add, rename, and remove feeds. Move to folders.

Of all of those wishes, I want the smaller increments in fontsize the most. I read most of my feeds on the iPad, and this factor would give me the most benefit out of a new version of Unread.

  1. Sometimes I prefer the versatility of Reeder and sometimes I’m more about a minimal UI to concentrate on the process of reading itself.