Reboot to Update

I have to say that — until now — I have been1 among the lucky ones that haven‘t been plagued by any weird iOS or iPadOS 13 bugs. But now, my iPad suddenly requires a restart prior to being able to update any app from Apple‘s app store.

That‘s right, I have to do the „press sleep and home2 at the same time until the bright apple logo shows up“ dance.

Every. Single. Time.

In hindsight, I‘m not sure really when the issue started to show up. It may just as well have been caused by the update to iPadOS 13.2.2. My iPhone3 in most cases, but not always, also requires a reboot before successfully managing to install updated apps.

What happens is that, after pressing the update button, the App Store app shows the spinners as an indication that the update is about to start. Then, the familiar circle (drawn with a thin line) with a square in the middle shows up. And then, nothing. The App Store app can keep this status all day, it I let it.

I tried updating apps individually, or in concert. I tried disconnecting the data communication, and then connect again before repeating my attempt to update. I tried touching the central square to abort the update procedure.

Nothing works, a restart is required in 100% of such cases. I haven’t read about this behavior or listened to people talk about it anywhere. But it’s there, and I guess it won’t leave me alone on its own.

Therefore, I sincerely hope that the next update down the road fixes the issue, because this really sucks.

[Update]: After a couple of days running iPadOS/iOS 13.2.3 it seems that the issue has indeed be fixed with a software update. I can update my apps just fine again.

  1. Even during the beta phase of iPadOS.
  2. My iPad is a 10.5” Pro model.
  3. Which is also on 13.2.2.