Things 3 is coming

From the Things Blog:

We’re very excited to report that Things 3 is almost ready for release. After a final round of beta testing, we expect to ship in May.

I have been using Things on and off over the years. I have tried other apps of that category, starting with Remember the Milk, then OmniFocus, Todoist, purely textual apps, and 2Do.

I guess the reason why I sooner or later return for another stint with Things is because the app hits a spot between an obsessively simplistic and a demanding and complex GTD approach.

The approach implemented in Things really stands out from the crowd. Things is not, and has never been, like any other generic task manager. There’s a concept behind it and I like that a lot even if I ended up writing entire blog posts to help myself figure it out.

However, or alas, that spot occupied by Things is no stable equilibrium. It works fine for some time, but frustration slowly but inevitably builds up until it is time to switch.

For explanation, one aspect that used to make my relation to Things complicated is about a glaring shortcoming in the workflow. In the current version, the creation of a repeating task is only possible in the Scheduled section and it is not possible to convert a non-repeating task into a repeating task.

I really hope there was time enough during the development of the new version to fix this.

On the other hand, there is so much to like. Let’s face it, Things‘ synchronization of data between devices is lightyears ahead of any competition. Nothing else comes even close. It took time to get there, people had to be patient, but the result is truly outstanding.

So I welcome a next iteration of the Things saga and I personally can’t wait to give it a try.