Got my Beats X replaced under warranty. The headphones died on the third day of my vacation, roughly ten month after purchase.

iOS Wishlist

I think I‘d be fine if there was only one new feature in the next major iOS version an this feature is that they finally fix the way how icons are moved, especially across home screens.

Please, Apple, just this.


Although it frustrates me to no end, I keep coming back to Threes. It’s a game that is very easy to understand and, at the same time, very hard to master.


I am literally not invested in Bitcoin, but this episode of the Kevin Rose show was quite enlightening to me in terms of the non-technical implications of digital currency.

It helps if you have a (vague1) understanding of how blockchains operate, but I’m pretty sure you’d still get a lot of valuable2 information even without a deeper technical insight.

  1. That at least describes my personal grasp of the topic probably best. 
  2. I can’t believe that this survived editing. 

Signature Feature

For me, the signature feature of iOS 9 was Night Shift. On iOS 10, it is the support for multilingual keyboards. Once you have it, you’re not looking back.