Hello Weather

What should come as no surprise to anyone roaming the App Store as much as I do, I’ve been through using nearly a dozen different weather apps during the last years. Supply is plentiful on the App Store, and there’s always a new hotness to discover and check out.

Some weather apps provide good and accurate data but are hard to navigate and it is made unnecessary hard to get answers for the essential questions when it comes to weather:

  1. What are the conditions right now?
  2. What’s it going to look like in the next couple of hours?
  3. What is the forecast for, say, the next week or so?

Enter Hello Weather. This is a minimalist weather app that answers the three questions above in three sections of just one screen, one section below the other. Each section can be tapped to reveal further information information.

The essential point with regard to the questions mentioned above, Hello Weather answers the questions in a truly beautiful design that further underlines the simplicity of the user experience.

By default, Hello Weather comes with weather data from Dark Sky which (YMMV) I would personally not consider the most accurate source of weather forecast in central Europe.

On the other hand, Hello Weather’s in-app purchase1 unlocks the ability to use Weather Underground data. This data is what I personally prefer and which has delivered rather accurate forecast in my experience.

I have made Hello Weather my default weather app for the last four months. Yes, I keep other apps around as a reference. Some are a match in terms of quality of data, none is a match in terms of user experience.

  1. Which also gets you a night mode and a “secret experimental mode” (with no explanation of further detail).